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Swimming Workout Examples

Swimming has a lot of health benefits. Some of them are weight regulation, muscular strengthening and improving endurance. It also regulates blood pressure, cools you off and refreshes you in the summer.

Experts say you can burn up to 350 calories in 30 minutes of just swimming! People usually warm up and do stretching before every serious physical activity. But is this enough for actually swimming better and better every time?

The answer is no. You have to add up something else to your routine.

Why not take the exercises you do at home or at the gym in the swimming pool? Time for water aerobics!

Word of advise: Using swimming pools at home for working out is great and all, but make sure your swimming pool is clean and well maintained. Your body can face negative results, if otherwise.

Here are some exercises you can do in a swimming pool:

1. Jumping Jacks

While doing jumping jacks you not only activate the muscle groups of the arms and legs but also increasing your heart rate. Combined with water resistance, your workout is burning two times more.

2. Scissor jump 

Here you are activating your glutes (that's right, ladies, you can grow your booty in the swimming pool ), hip flexors and rotator cuffs while increasing your pulse.

So, how to do it :
Water needs to reach your chest and your feet must be shoulders width apart. Arms should be by your side. Quickly bring your right arm and left leg forward as you simultaneously bring your left arm and right leg backward.

3. Squat jump

Squat down with extended arms like as the shoulder height and jump high while raising your arms over.

4. Tick-tock hops

Quick jumps from side to side, keeping your legs together.

5. Crunch

Lean with your back facing the water, extend legs, while keeping feet together. Pull both knees into the chest and repeat.

6. Chaos Cardio

Set some imaginary points in the swimming pool and run faster towards them - that brings the land jogging to a whole new level.

7. One-Legged Balance

Stand in waist-high water and raise your leg upwards. Your hands should stand still by your sides. Keep the leg raised for 1-2 minutes and don't be afraid to fall - it won't happen anything. You can't injure yourself in water. Repeat with the other leg. It exercises your stability and concentration while activating your quads and hamstrings.

8. Kick and punch 

Sounds like beating up someone, but it's only the water. And trust me, resistance is no joke.
Water should be a little bit above your arms and all you have to do is kick and punch with alternating legs and arms. The burning effect comes from the rapidness that increases your heart rate.

9.  Wavemakers

Imagine yourself as a mermaid! Hold the wall of the swimming pool and bring your legs together. Then start flapping them like a dolphin or a mermaid - this engages your core, back, and glutes.

While exercising don't forget to:
•    Drink a lot of water, because it's tiring.
•    Rest when you feel to.
•    And most importantly - Have fun while toning your body and improving your health.


We covered the most important exercises outside the pool. But let’s jump back in the pool for some real swimming practice. Obviously, long workouts are what you should do. Try swimming several series lasting between 400 and 500 meters. Do it until you get tired but don’t overdo.

This also improves your lungs function a lot. Don’t force yourself to be fast. Swim like you are in the sea – calmly and in a slight manner.

Another option is to try swimming in different styles. Change the styles rapidly so you can feel the effect of the exercise. For instance, do the backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. Make the change on every 50 or 60 meters.

Be persistent in these and slowly increase the numbers. After some months, your endurance should be several light-years ahead. You can get more information and advise on this at ThePoolSupport.


Swimming is truly the most usual sport on Earth. Many people transform their bodies by only swimming for a few hours per week. But if you want to really make a change and to feel healthier, go at least three times per week to the pool.

You also could swim in a natural body of water. It’s more challenging because of the wind, the waves and the streams underwater. Have a nice day and keep swimming hard.

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